Alpha dragons are powerful and elusive. there are only 6 known alpha species.

What are alphas Edit

leader of a group or heard of dragons.

what are known about alphas=Edit

Alpha dragons known for controlling or having followers. These other dragons bring food to there alpha leader. Alpha dragons can be riffed to as Queen, alpha, or leader. Most alpha dragons will protect the heard it is leading. But in some cases as seen with the red death an alpha can and will eat dragons of its own heard. There are only six known alphas they are Red Death, Green Death, Foreverwing, Screaming death, Bewilderbeast, and the Fireworm queen.

Foreverwing An alpha known for sleeping long periods of time and if awaken abruptly it will attack its followers. He has followers known as seedlings. other than these things not much is known about them. Red death/Green death The Red and Green death are so similar that they are basically the same. The Red death was called the queen in how to train a dragon and she was open to all dragons in her nest. but if they angerd her she ate them. she had 6 eyes and had spike like points all upon her. Know the Green death is found in a volcano type lair in Ride of Berk.

Bewilderbeast A giant alpha dragon that has ice breath instead of fire. It can create an giant ice fortress to protect his/her heard. for other alpha's information like screaming death or fireworm queen go to there pages


the foreverwing and its folowers

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