Astrid Hofferson is a teen Viking girl of the Hairy Hooligans tribe who attends Dragon Training with Hiccup and the other Viking teens. She's striking, tough, beautiful and her determined and strong personality makes her hard to impress. Astrid is 14 years old in How To Train Your Dragon, 15 in the series, and 20 in the sequel. She's Hiccup's main love interest in the first film, and his longtime girlfriend by the time of the sequel. In spite of initially not liking Hiccup or his new found friendship with Toothless, she soon has her opinion changed, tries to keep Toothless a secret, and starts to like Hiccup as her crush. Noteworthy, she is the only Viking without a helmet seen in the film as well as in the 3 short sequels and episodes (although Hiccup received a helmet from his father as a gift during the film, he rarely wears it).

Astrid does not appear in any of the books in the original series and is an original character designed for the film. It is possible she is based on the character Camicazi from the books.

She owns a Deadly Nadder named Stormfly

Astrid is Hiccup's love interest and the feeling seems to be mutual. She is beautiful, strong and athletic. Her strong personality makes her difficult to impress.

In Riders of Berk Edit

Trivia Edit

  • She is one of the Vikings that doesn't wear a helmet
  • Judging from a recent Defenders of Berk ad, it is possible Astrid is going to be in a "war" with a Flightmare.*
  • Her favorite weapon is her battle axe
  • She is in love with Hiccup in the movie and also in the show.