Bucket is a very unsmart Viking who apareantly has a "hard bucket, but a soft heart."


Due to his head injury, Bucket acts very dimwitted and dull-minded. He is scared of storms, mostly due to the thought that his bucket will attract lightning. His injury also awakened great artistic talent, and he made two quality paintings of Hiccup and Stoick, but the second painting was more truthful of Hiccup's appearance; the first was not. He also has a soft side as seen in Alvin and the Outcasts when he heads back to the village for a little girl's stuffed lamb because he claimed he couldn't resist the look in the little girl's eyes which causes Mulch to remark, "Aw, Bucket, your bucket's hard but your heart is soft." Bucket is a tall Viking with a long blonde beard. He wears a tunic with scale mail armor covering it under the belt. He also has a small brown vest covering the top of his shoulders.Bucket first appeared in How to Start a Dragon Academy alongside Mulch, having just completed a fishing run. Unfortunately, their catch was soon eaten by Dragons. Later on Snotlout and Hookfang scared a bunch of fish into their fishing nets, earning their thanks.

In Viking for Hire, Bucket had sold (stolen?) a sheep to Mulch, but was refused payment. Gobber, who was taking on some of Stoick's responsibilities, gave them a pair of weapons and had them fight it all out.

In Animal House, Bucket and Mulch are the first to discover that the chickens and yaks have stopped giving eggs and milk. Bucket's tightening bucket alerts Stoick and Gobber to an upcoming storm.

He appears again in "How to Pick Your Dragon " alongside mulch when their boat had been attacked by a wild thunderdrum (later "Thornado"). They are later returned to the village by stoick and hiccup.