This is a list of dragon fire types.

Stoker Edit

Monstrous Nightmare: kerosene

Terrible Terror: propane

Fireworms: firecomb

Typhoomerang: unknown

Tidal Edit

Scauldron: water

Thunderdrum: compressed air, unknown fire

Strike Edit

Night Fury: acetylene (often referred to as plasma)

Skrill: lightning

Fear Edit

Hideous Zippleback: unknown gas, unknown fire

Snaptrapper: venom

Sharp Edit

Deadly Nadder: magnesium

Speed Stinger: none

Timberjack: unknown

Mystery Edit

Changewing: acid

Smothering Smokebreath: smoke, unknown fire

Boulder Edit

Gronckle: heptane, lava

Whispering/Screaming Death: unknown

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