Fishlegs Ingerman is the rider of Meatlug and Hiccup 's friend. He is the "Log Master" of the Dragon manual .

Riders of BerkEdit

In the TV Series, Fishlegs is a main character. Like Hiccup, his fur outfit is furless, which is because of lower budgets. Like the film, he provides information on dragons, which is sometimes helpful, such as that the Scauldron eats the Blue Oleander, which can provide a cure for the allergic reaction dragons have to the flower. He and his dragon, Meatlug, share a sibling relationship, as the two are sad when they are apart, as shown when the dragons were exiled to the Dragon's Nest, or when Meatlug and the other dragons got sick after Mildew planted the blue oleander plant around Berk to kill the dragons. Fishlegs and Meatlug are, as said previously, extremely close in the series. They have a rather odd nurturing relationship. Fishlegs poors compliments on her as often as possible, and meatlug seems to always try and console Fishlegs when he becomes upset. Fishlegs occasionally refers to himself as "Daddy" when speaking to her.

Fishlegs has only really played a major role in one episode. He appears in practically every one, but in those he is usually just backing up the team with his dragon knowledge. This changes in "Gem of a Different Color" when Fishlegs must stand up for himself and confront Snotlout . He displays a great amount of bravery in the episode, and even puts himself at the mercy of four angry Changewings for the sake of doing what is right.


He is often nice but can go berserk when mad as shown in Gem of a Different color. Most of the time, he is really a big coward.

It is shown in The Iron Gronckle that he and Meatlug have Binge Eating Disorder.