How to Start a Dragon Academy
Season 1,riders of berk, Episode 1
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Air date august 7,2012 (sneak peek)
Written by Unknown
Directed by Unknown
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The Vikings and the dragons on Berk may not be fighting anymore, but the dragons still aren't trained enough to live among human civilization. Besides this, Mildew, who has a deep hatred for dragons attempts to have the dragons banished. It's up to Hiccup and the gang to solve this problem, which results in the opening of the Dragon Training Academy, to train and learn more about dragons.


It has been a little while since the Vikings made peace with the dragons, but not everyone is happy about having the dragons around: They eat everything in sight, reduce housing to rubble, and rain poo down on the village every day at three in the afternoon. Mildew, the local grouch and cabbage farmer, is fed up with the dragons and rallies the village against them. Stoick leaves his son Hiccup to deal with the dragons and to this end appropriates the arena.

Progress is hampered by the dragons instincts to roam wild, to the point that Toothless leads the dragon population in devouring Berks entire food supply just in time for the freeze. Stoick is forced to have the dragons caged for the night and sent back to Dragon Island in the morning. Remembering Mildew's taunt that he can't make the dragons go against their natural instincts Hiccup receives a stroke of brilliance.

First Hiccup sends Snotlout and Hookfang to scare fish to the surface for Mulch and Bucket to catch. Next he has Astrid use Stormfly to plow the fields while Fishlegs and Meatlug lead the dragon population over Berks farmlands for their daily pooping saving Mildew three months of plowing and fertilizing. Hiccup informs the group that they should thank Mildew for giving him the idea of using the dragons instincts to manipulate them.

On cue Mildew comes in with Stoick who appears to be angry with the young riders for going behind his back. Luckily however he instead decides to reward the young riders by giving them the area and re-purposing it as a dragon training academy, on the condition that they train every dragon on the island.


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  • This episode introduces the characters- Mulch, Bucket, and Mildew.
  • This episode was shown as a sneak peek along with Viking For Hire.