School of Dragons is an online game based on both the movie and the series. You can create an avatar and raise your own dragon hatchling. The game is mainly based on completing quests, playing minigames and creating a strong bond with your dragon. While playing, you will meet other players and be able to send them messages and friend requests. Also, you can fly on your dragon to many different locations. The game requires internet connection and an account to play.


Quests give you experience points that help you level up. Quests are given by the teachers of the school, the dragon trainers/non-playable students, Gobber and Stoick. In order to complete the quest, you must talk to someone, collect an item, go to a certain location or play a mini-game. On the bottom of the screen there is an arrow pointing towards where you have to go to complete your quest that can be turned on/off on the options screen.


Along with all the fun, Heather and Hiccup use the experience Hiccup bandw


Minigames can be played to complete a quest or just for fun. The currently available minigames are: fishing, farming, science experiments, fireball frenzy, flight club and thunder run racing.

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