Snaptrapper 2

Physical appearance of a Snaptrapper.

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the Snaptrapper is a species of dragon which belongs in the Fear Class. The Snaptrapper is a dragon that has four heads, each with three jaws. Their tail is forked like the Zippleback's and look like one as they both are green (well most are) and have multiple heads.The jaws seem to open up in 3 different ways which

may resemble a flower blooming and with the scales on its neck body and tail make it resemble leaves. They attract prey with a sweet smell of chocolate, which emanates from all four mouths. Like all dragons, they shed their scales and talons, but these eventually regrow. Snaptrappers love rain and enjoy splashing in the mud which could be based off the fact flowers need water and damp areas although they aren't sea dragons as flowers can die from too much water.


A Snaptrapper resembles a Zippleback , so they may be related in evolution. Snaptrappers are very creepy dragons, they have 4 heads! Not much is known about Snaptrappers.

In Riders of Berk

It doesn't appear in the show nor the trailers. However, it is possible one is in a picture of the show's title. It could be mistaken for a Zippleback.



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