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Speed Stinger

The Speed Stinger is a sharp class dragon that appeared in Defenders of Berk. 


The Speed Stinger is a swift, and flightless dragon. It resembles a raptor in appearance, but with sail-like appendages on its head, back and legs, and with no sickle claws on it's foot. Its name is derived from the barbed stinger at the tip of its tail. Only the alpha Speed Stinger has red markings. 


The Speed Stinger lives up to its name. It is a fast runner, hunt in packs, and can't fly like all the other dragons. The sharp stinger on the end of its barbed tail contains venom that can temporarily paralyze its victim.



  • It has some resemblances with the dinosaur velociraptor because they are fast and hunt in packs.
  • The Speed Stinger strongly resembles the Stinger Dragons from the How To Train Your Dragon Arena Spectacular. The resemblance and name similarities are notable enough to hint that the dragons may be the same species just in different forms of telling the story of the How To Train Your Dragon Universe.

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