Trained Terrors

Terror group minus Sharpshot

The Trained Terrible Terrors are the dragons used for the competition between the riders in Worst in Show. They later used their skills to save Meatlug from the Outcasts.


Sharpshot is the dragon Hiccup chose for the competition, even though he was

Hiccup and Sharpshot

against it. He trained it to shoot fireballs at its targets. Sharpshot helped free Meatlug from her shackles. He is a typical green Terror with red spines.


Iggy is Fishlegs' dragon. He was given a variety of names at first, such as Lars, Van, Carsten, Slurge, and even Deathwing, but Fishlegs eventually went with Iggy. He trained him to retrieve objects through the pictures he was given. Fishlegs spent so much time training Iggy that he was ignoring Meatlug, leaving her hurt and jealous. Fishlegs had Iggy grab Alvin's sword during Meatlug's rescue. Iggy is orange and red.

Astrid's DragonEdit

Astrid's Terrible Terror's name was not mentioned, but she trained him for stealth. He could easily sneak up on the Vikings' heads without them noticing. While saving Meatlug, he snuck onto Alvin's helmet and tricked Savage to hit the Outcat leader on the head. Astrid's Terror is aqua green, with magenta wings and light yellow spines.

Butt & HeadEdit

Butt and Head are the dragons that Ruffnut and Tuffnut picked. They were trained to fly into each other. They used their headbutting training to knockout Mildew, much to the twins enjoyment. They are both yellow.

Snotlout's DragonEdit

Snotlout picked his unnamed Terror mostly because he bit him on the arm. In fact, biting Snotlout was pretty much all he did. He has a strong bite, as it took Goober all day to pry him off of Snotlout's leg. Snotlout used his dragon's biting to his advantage when he threw him to break the rope tied to Meatlug when Alvin and Savage tried to recapture her. He went back to biting Snotlout afterwards. The color of Snotlout's dragon is purple.


  • Sharpshot is most likely based off Toothless' book counterpart.
  • Sharpshot, Butt, and Head's genders were never stated. Iggy, Astrid and Snotlout's Terrible Terrors are males.
  • The competition for training them is similar to the training in the first How to Train Your Dragon book.