Chapter 1 

" Do you really think this is my fault?" said Hiccup who was pinned down to a cliff inches away from falling into the water below. Oh and he was pinned down by a dragon that looked similar to the Screaming Death he battled but this one had Night Fury like legs, a Deadly Nadders eyes and horns but everything else was just random and what was even more crazy is that this dragon could first of talk and second of it was a robot with a spirit in it. " Ha ha ha you have no clue do you just look around you look at the destruction you caused". So Hiccup looked around at his new friends and old friends all in danger Death a girl he just met a few weeks ago and The Warden a kind dude he loved dragons who held onto Death's hand while Death had her sword stuck into the side of a cliff while she kept struggling to not lose her grip and fall into the rocky crevess below that has been set on fire " I can't hold on anymore...." Death said The Warden looked up with his dark eyes " Just try it can't end this way"  he said he turned his head and stared at the deep crevess below that was still ablazed with any type of dragon fire " Wait I thought that you had a suit made of dragons scales isn't that fire proof " she looked down with her cat-like eyes "Well yes it's fire proof but I highly doubt that it can with stand all that fire combined it would surely melt " then she gazed up to see if her dragon was sill there but surely he was still fighting of that cyborg Thunder Drum " Schythe do you mind not anything important but if you haven't noticed we are hanging by a sword that could snap any second and we could fall into a firey crevess and be burned to ashes so..... HURRY UP!" she yelled but her dragons had his own problems usually he could face off a Thunder Drum but a cyborg Thunder Drum was a challenge like first its sonic blast was at least 50 times stronger than a normal Thunder Drums blast and it disorinted him and he was alone while his pride of Killerflames fought off the other cyborg dragons even little Sandy who was fighting off a pack of cyborg Terrible Terroes. Then there was Sir Skrill he loved Skrills he was flying away from a snake-like dragon that was also a cyborg so he was flying dodging every pillars he turned to check if it was gaining but when he looked again it was gone so he stopped under an arch and turned around then the dragon that was chasing them who turned invisible was on top of the arc and tackled Sir Skrill and began to lift him away " Drop me you slimy bug eyed dragon!" then his Skrill dived at the cyborg which dropped Sir Skrill who began to fall to the ocean below but he strecthed out a glider on his back and glided safley until he was pulled into the ocean by a cyborg Scauldron along with Hutmi, Astrid's distance brother who was fighting a long sea snake dragon holding his breath while his Scauldron fought the incoming cyborgs .

All of this and Bloodhound Death's arch enemy and Dingo who use terrible machines and shot tazer ropes at Hiccup's gang who where on their dragons and Bloodhound shoot a Tangler an invention he made that grabbed his gang on their dragons who fell to the grounds electicuted.

Hiccup turned towards the robotic spirit filled dragon who was still facing him " See you deserve this you have trained dragons they are wild and untamed beasts. My creations so they belong to me and I will reclaim them from you humans starting with the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself" he said this while pointing his tail at the direction of Toothless who tried to svae his fellow Night Furies who where trapped in 4 cages they tried breaking out but the bars seemed industructable only Toothless and a female Night Fury that escaped from total destruction when The Dark Lord attacked the Night Furies at their island but the female and Toothless escaped along with a few 500 Night Furies when there was first 12,000 total then Toothless was tackled down by 4 Whispering Deaths and then Toothless was brought underground and the female was shot by the Tangler and pinned against a cliff side " Hey dragons are good even though most are bad you can still change them to good but my gang can stop you then we'll never have to worry about you or your workers" Hiccup said but the dragon laughed which soundd like a dozen chainsaws cutting metal and glass shards banging into each other " Foolish boy if you want to see all the mistakes you made thn find your past " then the dragons eyes split apart and tentacles came out which stuck on Hiccup's head then he got sent to his past to see this adventure then the robotic dragon lifted Hiccup up with his tail and lifted him over the ocean then he leaned over to Hiccup's ear " By the way call me The Dark Lord well.... if you survive" then with that he dropped Hiccup into the ocean and Hiccup sank to the bottom.

Chapter 2

For Hiccup traveling to his past was pretty wierd because first he was a ghost-like form and everything seemed kind of misty but he didn't mind but what he did mind is that he couldn't talk only watch. So this happened a few weeks ago but some of this wasn't even his own past like it was all his friends past each from a diffrent point of view and he could read their thoughts so this part was his point of view. The day was sunny and super humid but the dragons seemed to handle it Stormfly was out on Astrids roof basking in the hot sun, Hookfang was out at the beach with Snotlout " Wow it's so hot out here!" then Hookfang slammed Snotlout into the water in front of them Snotlout came to the surface and began to relax " Ahhhh thanks Hookfang" Ruffnut and Tuffnut were swimming in the water pinning each other down underwater then Ruffnut pinned down Tuffnut " Yes!" then Tuffnut pushed Ruff upward and she went flying then she used a Zippleback call and Barf and Belch who were in a cave near the beach and picked up Ruffnut and dropped her on the beach then Barf shoot green gas at the water and Belch sparked it then Tuffnut was blasted away and got a mouthful of sand. Fishlegs was sitting with Meatlug in the shade reading the Book of Dragons " Guys did you know that a Skrill has 2 sides of its brain?" but of course no one was paying attention Astrid was just swimming calmly until Hiccup came and everyone turned towards him. "What are you wearing?" said Ruffnut because Hiccup padded his feet with flippers and in between his fingers he put webbing all made from a leather-like material " I found out that it helps me swim better" but even Toothless who was standing beside him couldn't even bother to look at him. So eventually after the swim Hiccup decided to not wear the swimming gear so he went to change then just read the Book of Dragons with Fishlegs but when he came out Toothless started going towards the woods " Hey bud where are you going?" but Toothless just continued to go so Hiccup just followed him into the woods. Hiccup just keep following Toothless and after what seemed like 2 hours Toothless finally stopped in a clearing where a girl was sleeping on the ground and was surrounded by bones."What the....?" Hiccup said he approached slowly but Toothless was up in a tree just watching then Hiccup noticed something about the bones - they where viking bones and he knew because he say pieces of Viking cloth and he saw a few helmets. "Ok.... I think I'll be going now" so Hiccup began to back away but the girls eyes flew open she did a back flip and landed in front of Hiccup then she pinned him and pulled a dagger out of her hair which she had dozens of all tied up and she held the dagger at Hiccup's throat " Uh sorry for disturbing you but... please don't kill me" said Hiccup who began to sweat nervously, he swallowed which was hard to do with the dagger at his throat " Why are you disturbing me?" she asked but Hiccup found it hard to answer because of her cat-like eyes which burned a hole through his soul but he shook of the gaze "Uh I didn't mean to disturb you my dragon just lead me here" she looked slighlty wierded out when he said 'my dragon' then she asked " Wait did you say your dragon I thought Vikings hated dragons and killed them?" Hiccup finally relized that some Viking tribes still kill dragons " Well my tribe doesn't kill dragons all of them ride dragons and respect them all my friends ride them" she smiled then let go of Hiccup and stood up " Well then that means I don't have to kill you and your Viking tribe!" she laughed and Hiccup laughed nervously "Yeah please don't kill us" he smiled nervously then the girl asked " So what's your name ya runt?" "Hiccup my name is Hiccup" he said she looked at him like he was crazy" Wait your name is Hiccup? You know that a 'Hiccup' is the runt of the liter like a small sheep or something?" Hiccup smiled "Yeah I know that" she smiled and Hiccup noticed that some of her teeth where slightly pointed " Well Hiccup they call me Death" then Hiccup's smile faded away " And why do they call you that?" he gulped again " Don't worry they call me that since I destroyed Vikings who killed dragons so when word got around they started to call me Death" then she looked up into the tree behind Hiccup where Toothless was ready to punce on Death " Is that a speed cat?" she asked then Hiccup then Hiccup turned around and noticed Toothless because he completley forgot " Oh yeah come on down bud it's ok now!" Hiccup yelled and Toothless jumped out of the tree and landed next to Hiccup then he began to smile that smile with no teeth and he was doing it at Death " He's just saying hi" Hiccup said but Death just stood amazed " I've never seen a Speed cat do that" she said and Toothless just sat down and began to day dream " What do you mean about a speed cat are you talking about a Night Fury?" but she shook her head and said " Well I don't know why you call it a Night Fury but I call it a Speed cat I've learned that from my pack" then something in her sack turned yellow with heat " Oh shoot I forgot!" she yelled then she grabbed her bag " Follow me!" then she ran off with the sack. Hiccup was tired of running but he had to because to be honest he was kind of scared of Death and that's the only reason he was following her then after what seemed like a while he stopped in a clearing that was filled with a dozen of new species of dragons. All seemed active doing diffrent things some hunted fish and brought it back and there was a little one that was running straight towards them and it started to nip at Deaths boots " Not now Sandy this is important" so the dragon ran off and began to chase a bird so Death ran into the crowd of dragons until she meet a jungle patterned night fury sized male and Toothless began to snarl at the dragon and it snarled back in fact Toothless snarled at all the dragons and all snarled back " Toothless calm down we don't wan't to start a all out dragon fight" so Toothless stoped and just sat back glaring at the other dragon. " Hiccup this is my pride of Killerflames a species of dragons that you may not find on Berk, so let me introduce you to a few" she pointed at the dragon in front of them where that male dragon was " This is my main riding dragon and my best friend Schythe who is in charge of the pride" then the dragon stood and walked over to Death and sat next to her then there was an ackward silence except for the sound in both Toothless and Schythes' throats of the fire blast they where readying at each other just in case. Then the object in Deaths' sack began to turn orange " Uh Schythe about this..." so Death pulled out the object in her sack and pulled out a Whispering Death egg. Toothless then began to ready his shot but Hiccup held him back " Bud calm down" but Toothless still seemed ready to attack he knew something wrong was going to happen. The egg began to trun red " Quick the watering hole!" she yelled then she ran with Hiccup and Schythe at her side then they ended up at the watering whole then she tossed the egg in where itt exploded underwater then a baby Whispering Death came to the surface and hoped on the ground. Death wnt to the dragon and picked it up and whistled then a Killerflame that was moutain-patterned and the size of a Monstrous Nightmare "Stone can you find this Whispering Deaths mother and get some fish on the way for it?" the Killerflame roared and made sounds similar to a Night fury " Oh stop complaining I'll do it and that means I'm the toughest of the pride since I was face to face with a Whispering Death" then that changed Stones' option so Death put the baby in a sack tied to Stone and he flew off. " Oh my gosh all I have to do is say that I'll be the toughest in the pride and he WILL do anything you should have seen the time I made him feed Sandy he was SUPER embarrassed" she laughed enjoying the thought and Hiccup laughed too. Then something went wrong a 4 leaf shaped blade came soaring in the sky and cut straight through a tree which fell down then the blade returned back where it came from then unusual sounds filled the air and they where diffenitley not dragon like so the whole pride went to the beach on the opposite side of the island and there was something waiting for them. "What is that?!" Hiccup asked " Bloodhound" said Death. Massive machines where on the water and in the air what looked like a boat was on the water but this boat had cannons that was set on fire and crossbows that launched spikes and there was dozens of other boats just like this and in the sky is what looked like planes but smaller made for one person and it had dragon wings on the sides and it had cannons in front of it that shot electricity at a tree next to Death and it burned to ashes she didn't even flinch " Oh my gosh he still after me it's been almost a year since I destroyed his first lair and all his inventions there he should just forget about it" then a man on the biggest plane was standing who was dressed in a army jacket that was smoking green and he had worker goggles and hair swept to one side like he woke up on the wrong side of the bed he laughed manically " Hey Death I have a surprise for you! You're going to die today!" then he pulled out an energy blaster and shoot a ball of glowing green energy at all of them. When the energy ball was getting closer the Killerflames lifted Hiccup and Death and flew right out of the shoot zone and that whole area exploded and shook the whole island. Back at the village everyone stopped what they where doing then looked in the direction of the explosion then a shockwave was sent through out the entire and caused cracks in the ground " What in Thors name was that!" yelled Stoick " Wait where's Hiccup?" asked Astrid " Kids get your dragons!" yelled Stoick so he saddled up on Skullcrusher and he flew off with the other teens to the other side of the island. " That was close" Hiccup said but Death shook her head" No that was a warning shot just to let us know who we're messing with next time I bet he won't miss" " Ok good job to keep the mood on track " Hiccup said grimly. Bloodhound yelled commands at the ships and planes " Shoot them down she'll pay for what she did!!!!!" then one of the boats turned the cannon and shoot a metal ball that was set on fire it missed Hiccups foot by a literal inch and his foot was set ablaze " AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!" then he tried blowing out the flame but it didn't work but this time a cannon shot a blast of water by mistake instead of fire so when it hit Hiccups' foot it put out the fire. " YOU IDIOT I SAID FIRE NOT WATER!!!!" yelled Bloodhound at his worker then Bloodhound aimed his blaster directly at Hiccup and he was about to shoot him down then a Deadly Naddr spine was struck straight into his blaster which then malfunctioned then the gang and Stoick came flying in on their dragons, one of Bloodhounds' workers shot a cannon ball at Stoick but Skullcrusher dodged it and used a fire missile and the cannonball exploded " Good job Skullcrusher" then the Killerflames dropped Hiccup in the woods where he mounted up on Toothless and toke off and Death got on Schythe and flew with Hiccup into battle. " Foolish Vikings do you think really think you can stop me!" then he raised an arm cannon and shot a electric ball at Toothless who dodged it by inches "Toothless plasma blast!" Hiccup yelled then Toothless shot one and destroyed Bloodhound's arm cannon leavving his arm burnt black. " So you like explosions uh well boy why don't you try this on for size!" then he pulled a crossbow and put a circular container made of glass full of a blue liquid and shot it "Hiccup look out!" yelled Astrid but it was too late Hiccup and Toothless where caught right in the middle of the explosion and both where knocked out of the sky and fell into the ocean then Bloodhound jumped of his plane which transformed into a lean boat and he went to Hiccup and Toothless's unconcious bodies and lifted both of them up and dumped them on his boat " He the next time you see these 2 they'll be dead already" then he put a vial in a tank on the back of the boat and when it exploded and the boat went blasting off out of sight.

Chapter 3

Hiccup's concious followd the boat until Berk was out of sight then Bloodhound said " The last Night Fury this one I should expirement on maybe make it a hybrid of my captive Killerflame or whatever" then he began to get some chemicals out of his jacket and toss it in the engine block and it exploded again making them go even faster. Hiccup's concious went straight to Bloodhound and tried to push him but he just wen through him so he couldn't do anything. It felt about 3 hours befor Bloodhound reached an island that was full of jagged rocks and tall spires. Dozens of diffrent machines made crazy sounds Bloodhound docked on the shore and his workers came up " Take care of these 2 but bring me the Night Fury locked up and as for the boy I will dispose of him myself" then he stormed off and went to the side of a mountain he put his hand on it and a door way opened up and he went in. Meanwhile on Berk everybody was getting ready to find Bloodhound and captured one of his workers and Death and the gang was intteragating him " Tell me where he is!" yelled Astrid but the man just scoffed " I won't tell" he smirked then Death gently pushed Astrid aside she glared at the worker " Let me make this clear" then her eyes turned into the thinnest of slits " Where is Hiccup" she asked but the worker just spit on her boot " Ok so you want to make this ugly huh?" she said then she whistled and Schythe came in through the window along with Stone standing out side then Death dragged the chair the guy was tied up in and brought him outside then Stone opened his mouth and Death stuck the workers head in there " Unless you want to become Stone's lunch you better start talking" she said everybody looked nervous but Ruffnut and Tuffnut kept chanting " Eat him eat him" quietly. The man gulped but still didn't talk " I still won't tell you" then Stone began to close his mouth and in the back of his throat a small fire was lit become bigger " Are you sure because trust me Stone would enjoy you being cooked alive he sure loves a barbuced viking " she warned the man began to sweat then he cracked " FINE I'LL TELL YOU JUST GET ME OUT OF HERE!" so Death snapped her fingers and Stone let go of the man " Bloodhound is constanly on the move his new lair is right near Berk but unless you have a Shock boat like him you can't get there on time" everybody looked at him " How about a dragon?" said Snotlout who got on Hookfang " Well maybe but it would take a little longer" he said then Stoick walked up to him " What's the island called?" " It's called Shadow island you know when you're there when you see tall jagged rock spires and a few mountains on an island and the wierd sounds of machines at work then you know you're there" he said then he a glow appeared on his wrist and grew bigger he smirked " Sorry but I have somewhere to be " then his figure began to dissapear Death lunged at him her sword out but he was gone and she just flew straight into the wall "That little no good..." but she said no more all she had to do was walk outside to the nearest tree and she sliced it down with no problem Stoick came up to Death and put his hand on her shoulder " Don't worry we'll find Hiccup" she turned around " Ok lets go" she got on Schythe and whisled and her pride Killerflames flew by her and everyone else moutned up on their dragons and flew off. Back at Shawdo island Hiccup woke up in a dark room lit by a cadle that an automan that was a combination of man and snake " Chose your weapon" it said then the entire room was lit up showing many weapons most broken and destroyed Hiccup wen up to a usty swod and touched it and then it turned to ashes under his finger then he walked to the corner of the room where a single long sword was laid. It was rusty but when Hiccup put his hands on it it didn't crack and infact he rubbed his hand against it and he saw dragon scales painted blue and he saw a light material fused with it " Gronkle iron" he said quietly so he took that sword " Very well" said the automan than Hiccup began to glow then when he blinked he was in a gigantic arena that looked like the Roman Collosuem the stands were filled with dozens of workers and guarding the exits where 4 automans that where a combination of king cobras and lions and they all had dragon-like wings and at the long end of the arena on a throne sat Bloodhound with a smirk on his face " Ah young Hiccup welcome to my arena" he laughed " Also have you relized that you are forgetting something?" then Hiccup turned around and relized Toothless wasn't with him " Where is my dragon" Hiccup said angrily pointing his sword at Bloodhound "Oh you'll see that Night Fury soon enough" then he stood up " LET THE BATTLE TO THE DEATH BEGIN!!!!" then a trap door opened up on the ground and 3 mechanical gold claws gripped the ground. A head rose out it was like a Zippleback's head but it also looked like a Whispering Death it raised its 11 foot long neck and rose out of the door which shut, the automan roared which sounded like chainsaws which it's tongue was. It charged at Hiccup and smacked him across the arena into a wall "Ouch" Hiccup said then the automan came charging across the arena but Hiccup moved out of the way and it hit it the wall with so much force Bloodhound nearly fell down off his throne then a few rocks fell and crushed the automan. " SEND IN THE COBRA-BOT!!!!!" yelled Bloodhound then a door behind him opened up and a serpent head raised up high about 20 feet high in the air and flared its neck and bared its razor fangs and jumped in the air and stricked at Hiccup who rolled out of the way and the cobra got its fangs stuck in the ground so Hiccup took and advantage and charged and tried to jab his sword which the rust blew off and revealed it's dragon scales and the Gronkle iron. The snake got it's fangs out just as Hiccup raised his sword and sliced nothing then the snake raised its tail which was a mace and stricked at Hiccup who jumped up unusually high and sliced the mace straight in half then he jumped on the snake and slid on the whole thing his sword sliding inside the snake then Hiccup reached the head and jumped off the whole snake splitting in 2 " Ha bring it on Bloodhound I can face any automan you send at me!" then after 2 hours of fighting the automans the next thing you know Hiccup is slouched up against the wall sweating madly than something came to thought ' Am I ever going to get out of here and where is the gang and Death shouldn't they be here by now?' but he just tried getting up when the next automan appeared Hiccup tried getting up but when he did he collapsed on the ground " Ugh I'm so tired....." then it began to rain so the automan charged then out of nowhere lighting struck it down then  and it turned to ashes  then a figure flew through the sky right out of the same area the lighting struck so Bloodhound stood up and raised his arm cannon and blasted but hit nothing then he got struck by lighting in the arm. " AAAAGGHHHHH!!!!" he yelled then a dragon like figure was swooping around in the sky and Hiccup knew only 1 dragon that comes during stroms a Skrill then the Skrill blasted a conctrated blast of lighting that it took the shape of a ball and it blasted half the areana than the dragon swooped down to the ground and it landed the Skrill looked amazing as Hiccup has never seen one before the Skill was deep black with hints of blue and it had a rider. A teenage boy with a top hat made of dragon scales like Death's armor and Hiccup's new sword " Who are you?" Hiccup asked, the boy smiled " Call me The Warden"

Chapter 4

"Well stop staring at us and just get on if you want to live " so he put his hand out and Hiccup grasped it and was pulled up on the Skrill behind The Warden who pulled the reins and his dragon flew off but Bloodhound yelled out a command " DESTROY THE NIGHT FURY!" then a gate opened up on the ground and Toothless was locked up and was about to be transformed into a robot. "Turn this dragon around that's my Night Fury!" Hiccup yelled The Warden turned around " Ok but 2 things one my dragons name is Bow Down and two you know you don't have to yell in my ear!" then he turned Bow Down around and landed in the gate where Bloodhound's workers charged at the Skrill who just electrified itself and the guards where knocked out so Hiccup got off his hair standing on ends literally like an afro and battled like the hippest Viking of all time using his sword and collided it with a mace from a worker who then kicked Hiccup in the stomach and he went flying into the wall then Hiccup threw his sword and sliced off the workers legs then Hiccup catched his sword when it came back then he went up to Toothless and tried to break the glass he was stuck in " Don't worry bud I'm going to get you out of there" so he began to try to stab his sword into the glass but he only made a small crack he turned to The Warden who was fighting like a mad man " Warden I need you to blast that glass with lighing " Hiccup said so the Warden nodded and went to Bow Down and patted his neck then pointed to the glass and Bow Down shot another concetrated blast of lighing but smaller then the glass exploded and Toothless jumped out of the machine and shot a plasma blast at a worker that was about to slice and dice Hiccup into a dragon trainer shish kibob. " Thanks bud " Hiccup said then the Warden jumped onto Bow Down and turned towards Hiccup " We have no time for this Bloodhound is begining to send his automans after us" then he pointed his finger out a hole above them where a automan jaguar was standing growling at them and punced going towards the Warden then he stuck his sword upward and sliced the jaguar right in half and it fell in front of Hiccup who kicked it away when it began to smoke then it blew up in mid air "Yeah we should probaly get going " then Hiccup mounted on Toothless and they all flew away from the arena. "So where are we going now " Hiccup asked so the Warden turned to Hiccup and smiled " Well try to keep up look for the blue flying object " then Bow Down electrified itself and flew off and was only a noticable blue dot " Wow this guy sure knows how to have fun " Hiccup said then Toothless went flying after the Warden then Bow Down made a super sharp turn nearly missing a rock spire then he began to zig zag in a maze of rock spires so on the turn Hiccup and Toothless crashed into it at first but when they reached the maze of rock spires that was a problem. The Warden and Bow Down did it like they where used to it doing the sharpest of turns moving like the wind has taken control of them. But even Hiccup and Toothless hasn't mastered moves so swift and agile so they just kep crashing into stags. Then finally the maze stopped into the open ocean where the Warden was hovering waiting fo Hiccup " So where to now?" Hiccup asked but the Warden smirked " Just try and keep up" then he dove down and was flying above the waves so Hiccup and Toothless did the same and Toothless finally caught up and The Warden and Bow Down began to gain speed and he was flying towards the side of a cliff. " Uh aren't you going to stop!?" Hiccup yelled but The Warden laughed " Why? This is the best part!" then Bow Down began to electrify himself then he boosted and he went straight into the cliff and was gone. So Toothless also began to spin " Oh... I think I'm going to be sick...." Hiccup said then Toothless boosted himself and he and Hiccup went straight through the cliff. When Toothless was in the cliff he lost control then there was a bright light then they went straight through it and crashed on the ground and Hiccup flew fast first and got a mouth full of dirt. He spit it out then he raised his head and his jaw dropped and so did Toothless's. The land was an oasis and it was full of dragons. The place Hiccup and Toothless crashed into was a beach shore and infront of them stood The Warden and Bow Down and behind them was a jungle. The Warden reached out his hand " Welcome to the Land of Dragons"

Chapter 5

" Wow.... it's amazing" Hiccup said standing up he turned in a full circle staring in amazment at his surroundings the jungle filled with wild dragons the mountain that reached up in to the sky and the beach and the ocean where a Thunderdrum herd was swimming " Thunderdrums?!" Hiccup said then a dragon with no wings ran by him really fast and then a whole herd ran by Hiccup then one stopped by Toothless and raised it's barbed tail and hissed " Phoenix stop these are our friends" The Warden said so the dragon backed off and ran to catch upwith the herd " What kind of dragons are those?" Hiccup asked and The Warden looked at the herd running off and answered " Those are Speedstingers, watch out for them those especially the adults they're the fastest dragon on land and all have a poisonous tail that can temperaily paralyze their prey " "Just like the Flightmare" Hiccup said and The Warden nodded " Yeah like this one" and he pointed upward where a small Flightmare perhaps a baby was hovering above them and it landed on top of Bow Down's head " Jack not know go back to your mom " The Warden said then the Flightmare flew off to a cave in the side of a mountain. " Well are you hungry?" The Warden asked then Hiccup relized how hungry he is even Toothless stomach rumbled so loud the birds in nearby trees flew away until a dragon leaped super high and grabbed a few then it fell back down " Yeah I'm starving" Hiccup said then the Warden began to head of towards the mountain " Follow me" then he got lost in the jungle with Bow Down and the only sign of their presence was a blue glow from Bow Down Hiccup and Toothless both looked at each other and ran after the Warden and when he caught up it was a long walk with silence then Hiccup said something " How did you know I was in trouble?" "Well it was Bow Down sometimes he electrifies when someone is in danger" then he stopped but Hiccup walked face first into the mountain side then Hiccup looked upward and relized how high the mountain really is " We have to climb now becuase our dragons can't have any extra weight or else they'll fal because it's too high upl" The Warden warned then he began to climb and Bow Down began to fly but Hiccup stopped him " Uh Warden my dragon can'tf ly own his own so I think we should...." then the next thing you know Toothless was in a Viking version of a baby carrier and tied to Bow Down and was being flown up the mountain and Hiccup and The Warden where climbing up the side of the mountain they where climbing for about 7 hours then it was night so both stopped at a ledge but both dragons where already at the top and fast asleep. " Here it's some chicken " The Warden said then he passed Hiccup some of the chicken they just cooked. " Nah I'm not that hungry " and he was facing the ocean infront of them and was at the edge of the ledge " What's wrong?" The Warden asked but Hiccup just kept quiet for a few minutes then he answered " Wel lmy friends they probaly think I've been killed by Bloodhound at his arena" he covered his head in his knees and let loose a tear " They're probaly mourning over me " but infact the gang was at the island where they have beat Bloodhound and are now interrogatting him with Death who pinned him against a broken piece of the arena wall her sword at his neck and her eye slits where so thin that you couldn't really see it "Where is Hiccup?" she asked but Bloodhound smirked "Oh Death you think you're so scary and strong but you are a weakling you just hide it you killed those Viking tribes out of fear you thought that they would destroy you for saving dragons that they where supposed to kill" then he glowed and teleported on the top of his throne then Thornado shot a sonic blast at him but he just did a front flip out of blast zone and landed infront of Stoick " Ha pathetic, just like you where when you where a child pushed by your father to become the perfect hief and you belive that doing that to your own son will make him an even better chief." then he laughed then Stoick grabbed a huge chunk of the arena wall and threw it at Bloodhound but he just simply teleported again this time infront of Ruffnut and Tuffnut then Tuffnut readied his double ended spear " I got this sis" then Ruffnut pushed Tuffnut "No I got this" then she raised her double sided spear then both got in a huge argument about who fights Bloodhound then Bloodhound yelled "SILENCE!" then both twins shut it then Bloodhound smirked " Twins so predictable both of you fight just for attention so desprate" then both twins whistled then Barf and Belch gassed and sparked and blasted Bloodhound who rolled out of blast zone and infront of Snotlout who raised his mace but froze for some reason- he was scared then Bloodhound laughed " Oh Snotlout you are so much like Stoick being pushed by your father to be great and isn't even allowed to show emotions like sadness" then that shook Snotlout out of his trance and struck and hit Bloodhound in the stomach then Bloodhound collapsed on the ground "Ok I have no time for this anymore" then he glowed for the last time and dissapeared. So back at The Land of Dragons Hiccup and The Warden fell asleep and woke up the next day. " So what do you what to do now?" asked Hiccup standing at the edge of the ledge looking at the ocean. The Warden yawned " Uh how about a swim because honestly dude, you smell of oil" then he pinched his nose and gagged. Hiccup sniffed himself and also gagged " Yeah let's go" then he used a Night Fury call and Toothless woke up then he woke Bow Down up and both dragons flew to the ground waiting for their owners them then The Warden stood up and walked to the edge of the ledge and was facing down " Uh aren't you coming?" he asked but Hiccup just stared " Wait you're gonna jump?" then The Warden rolled his eyes " Duh how else are we going to get down there I'm not risking climbing again " then he un-sheathed his scythe and held it in both hands then he jumped and swung his scythe in front of him and it hooked onto a tree branch and he swung forward and somersaulted and landed on his feet then he turned and faced up the cliff where Hiccup was still staring at what The Warden just did " Well Hiccup you coming!?" he yelled but Hiccup shook his head " No way I'm jumping I'm doing something safer " then Hiccup jumped on the cliff side next to him and stuck his sword in the jagged surface and began to slide down then he reached the ground in 20 minutes where everybody was waiting and The Warden  even fell asleep standing up. Hiccup went up to him and began to shake him " Warden....., Warden......" but he was still asleep then Bow Down walked over to The Warden and roared in his ear then the Warden jumped up and fell down then Hiccup walked up to him and bent down " So are you ready now?" "WHAT?!!!!!" The Warden said.

Chapter 6

So the group arrived at the beach and got ready then The Warden got on Bow Down who raised to full height then The Warden jumped off and splashed Hiccup with water " Oh now you'll feel the rath of me Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III!" then he mounted on Toothless who flew 20 feet in the air then they dove and when they hit the water it caused a huge splash that sent The Warden flying in the air and fell back in the water. Then when The Warden fell in the water he didn't re-surface " Uh Warden? Stop messing with me" but The Warden didn't re-surface then Hiccup went to the area where The Warden fell but then a dragon came flying out of the water and sprayed water all over Hiccup and The Warden was riding it " YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" then he jumped of the dragon and tackled Hiccup down and both teens went under and resurface playing around. Then 30 minutes later they went back on the shore and dried off " So does anybody else you know ride dragons?" asked The Warden " Yeah even my dad rides a Thunderdrum he calls Thornado and my other friends ride a Deadly Nadder, Gronkle, Zippleback and a Monstrous Nightmare" " Well what about your mom what dragon does she ride?" then that made Hiccup sad " Uh my mom died in a dragon attack " "Oh sorry I didn't know my parents where actually captured by my enemy Dingo The Hunter he tried to steal Bow Down because he's a Skrill Night Fury hybrid a rare combination he just has Night Fury and Skrill smarts " " Oh how long have you been looking for them " "About almost 7 years " " Wow and have you ever got close?" " Well yes a few times I could hear them inside the room they where trapped in" then it was queit for a few minutes then Bow Down began to electrify himself making a big blue glow that spread in every direction " Someone is coming " The Warden said then he mounted up on Bow Down and Hiccup mounted on Toothless then they flew to the area they came through and a hole opened up and they flew through then they came out the other end and began flying. Bow Down's glow grew bigger and bigger than it vanished then they meet the people and they where on dragons and behind them was a whole pride of Killerflames. Bow Down roared an alarm and the whole opened then the dragons that could fly, flew out behind Bow Down and The Warden and they where ready for attack and the Killerflames lead by Hiccup's gang and Death got ready for their attack. " GUYS DON'T FIGHT EACH OTHER!" Hiccup yelled then everybody turned towards him" Hiccup is that really you we been searching forever" Astrid said " Yeah I really need help dealing with Hookfang" said Snotlout then Hookfang set himself on fire and burned Snotlout. " What are you guys talking about I've only been gone for a day" "What are you talking about Hiccup you've been gone for 4 weeks" said Death then Hiccup's eyes grew to the size of quarters " Guys let's talk about this later because we got bigger problems look " then he pointed his finger up in the sky where it began to snow at first softly then it became a blizzard. Bow Down roared signaling all the dragons to go back through the hole " Guys come on!" Hiccup yelled then the Killerflames flew through the hole then Hiccup's gang and Death went through the hole also then Hiccup went in but when they left a mysterious figure appeared in the shadows hovering then dissapeared. Back in The Land of Dragons everybody was trying to warm up around a huge fire lit by the dragons but Death said that she wants to meet all the wild dragons in the jungle and she sat down on a smooth rock and began to relax then a Killerflame shadow appeared above her then a Deadly Nadder sized female Killerflame landed next to her " Oh hi Sky you finally appear" then the dragon spoke through Death's mind " You know I watch you from a distance up in the sky I'm always there for you Death" " Yeah like when I was trapped underground with a wild Whispering Death" " Sorry but that's not what I came for I came to warn you be carful of which Viking you trust" "Why they're my friends" " No because Vikings are smarter than they look and deception is a weapon even I fear so just be careful" then Sky flew off into the sky and was camoflauged. So she went back to camp and sat down in the circle and Hiccup spoke up "So what are we going to do about Bloodhound because he'll be back" "LETS KILL 'EM!!" yelled Death and The Warden at the same time then they both looked at each other and then they started saying random words at the same time " STOP COPYING ME! I SAID STOP! SHUT UP OR YOU'RE DEAD!" then the both drew their wepons and started fighting moving away from the camp into the jungle then when they got close to a tree Death made an evil smile and did a awesome flip and pinned The Warden against the tree almost like when she met Hiccup then she tried using the stare on The Warden but it was impossible because his eyes looked like the dead dark night but she kept trying and made her eye slits super wide trying to read his thoughts but she couldn't and The Warden tried to use his eyes but it was also hard because all the gold in her eyes was almost gone and all he saw was a hole, a hole through time and space and all the matter in the universe in her eyes it was like staring into a black hole or the void it was endless they where both trapped in a deep trance. Death tried to shake it off but she just couldn't her eyes refused to move until they find life in that dead darkness and The Warden tried too but he was hypnotized it was like light and dark trying to find who loses but this is a battle that can't be won and The Warden felt like he was going blind, they where frozen not moving or blinking at all, then Hiccup found them and say them frozen he walked up " Uhhh.... guys?" but they where still frozen then Hiccup yelled in their ears "GUYS!!!!"  but they where still frozen so Hiccup pushed them aside and they finally got to normal then The Warden fainted on the ground and Death said " Ughh my head hurt's like Thor struck me in the head with a lighting bolt" "What happned to you guys?" "I don't know we where fighting I tried using the stare on him but his pitch black eyes some how caused on affect to both of us and we froze" " Ok I think it's a reaction between your eyes and since your eyes find life his eyes are to dark to find any life so it cancled you out but your eyes kept trying to find life so you froze" "Ok so now I don't think I should look him in the eye to long now" then Hiccup felt The Warden's head with his fingers then he immideatly backed away "He feels...... cold...... like really cold we should get back to the camp fire and try to see what we can do" " Ok lets go we'll carry him" so Hiccup grabbed The Warden by the feet and Death grabbed him by the hands then she relized that his hands where cold then both teens carried The Warden back to camp where everybody surrounded them and asked what had happned then Stoick walked up and felt The Warden's head " Set him by the camp fire try to warm him up " so everyone set him near the fire to warm up. He was near the fire layed down on a bed of leaves then he turned his head and faced them his face pale as a ghost. He talked in a low whisper and Hiccup had to lean in to hear "Hiccup I need you to........" "Need me to what?" " I need you to get me....." "Get you what?" "Get me the fruit" "What fruit?" "Get me the Lighting fruit you'll need it I don't have that much time" then he closed his eyes and his face went slack. Then Hiccup turned towards the gang " So what did he say?" asked Astrid " He told me to get the Lighting fruit but I don't know what that is" then Death steeped forward " But I know I've seen it on my adventures" then she pulled out a journal that was painted orange then she beckoned everyone to see. She flipped to a specific page and pionted at a fruit that was sort of shaped like a lightning bolt and it was titled " Lightning fruit" " Ok I saw this fruit when I was traviling with my pack it's a kind of fruit that only grows high up in mountains and it can only be found by a....... Skrill." " So how are we supposed to do that we need some one who can survive being shocked by ligihtning almost all the time" said Fishlegs who was nervouse and kept panting like a dog. Then all eyes fell on Snotlout "What?" "Wait why should I ride this Skrill?!" "Because if you can survive Hookfang setting you on fire then you can survive a Skrill" said Astrid "And I'm coming too because you never know when I could come in handy" then she mounted up on Stormfly and Death on Scythe and Hiccup mounted on Toothless and Snotlout on Bow Down "The rest of you stay try to see if you can help The Warden" Hiccup said then they flew off towards the mountain.

Chapter 7

So when they arrived at the mountain Hiccup stopped them all "Guys stop only dragons and themselves are able to fly up this mountain" "Uh really wow I'm going for it" said Snotlout then when he pulled on the reins for Bow Down and tried to fly up but Bow Down wouldn't so he electrified Snotlout who's hair stood straight up "Ok fine but how are we supposed to get up there without dragons?" asked Astrid "I guess we have to climb" said Hiccup then everyone got of their dragons and began to climb they climbed and climbed for what seemed like 5 hours then they stopped to take a break  and sat on a near by ledge "Guys come on we can't rest we have to get the fruit for The Warden" then he grabbed his sword and got a peice of rope that he found near the side of the ledge then he tied the rope with the handle of the sword and threw it high up and it peirced the mountain side and Hiccup tugged to make sure it was secure propely then he began to climb but was stopped by Death who pulled out her journal and opened it back to the lighing fruit page "Wait Hiccup the Lighning fruit is said to be able to electrify itself with so much electricty it could kill a person" then she took something out of her sack which she still had and handed it to Hiccup "It's a type of glove that I made it can handle almost anything" then Hiccup put it on "Thanks" then he countinued climbing. He was climbing forever then he finally saw a small blast of lighting coming from a ledge a few feet above from him so he grabbed the rope the sword was tied to still and threw it and it hookedinto the wall then he climbed to the ledge took his sword and stood amazed staring at a fruit shaped like lightning bolt and was blue "Finally!" Hiccup said then he walked over to the fruit which was attached to the edge of the ledge with a branch pointing downwards then Hiccup stopped he thought that this was too easy then like on command the branch raised itself high up then up came a giant snak that flared it's hood which showed spiral patterns then it raised wings and roared at Hiccup then it flew away then Hiccup slid back down to the ledge where the gang was on "Guys didn't mean to startle you but...... the fruit was attached to the tail of a dragon and it flew off" then with that word a streak of lighting zapped the ground next to Hiccup and he fell down on his back and everybody went up and faced him then he said "Dragons right now we need that fruit" then everybody slid back to the ground and mounted up on their dragons and began a hot persuit. The dragon turned around and shot a white hot bolt of fire at Stormfly and she dodged it "Stormfly spine shot!" yelled Astrid then Stormfly flicked her tail and spines flew straight infront of the dragon who turned around and roared and it disoriented the dragons making them bump into each other then Scythe shot yellowish orange flames at the dragon but it dodged it then it opened it's mouth and sprayed venom at Astrid's eyes "Ugh I can't see!" then the dragon was ready to attack Astrid but then Toothless and Hiccup who were camoflauged against the dark sky then they dived in the air and Toothless shot a plasma blast and it exploded infront of the dragon and it was knocked out of the sky then the fruit came off its tail and went flying straight up in the air then Snotlout flew towards it on Bow Down and caught it "I got it!" he yelled but then he got electricuted by the fruit then he tossed it to Hiccup who caught it with his gloves "Ok guys lets get back to camp!" then they flew to the camp and landed then they ran up to The Warden who's hair was white and only a few strands where left and his breathing was only a few breaths every 9 seconds. "Finally we where getting worried!" said Fishlegs "Yeah Ruffnut wanted to give him mouth-to-mouth" said Tuffnut then Ruffnut punched him in his arm "Guys no time for fighting Death now what do we do?" said Astrid then Death pulled out her journal "Okay first we need some water" "Fresh or Saltwater?" said Hiccup "Anykind doesn't matter" she replied than Tuffnut ran up to the ocean got a bucket and scooped some up "Now place the fruit in the water" said Death then Hiccup put the fruit in the bucket then the water began to glow "Now we need to heat it up" said Death then Astrid got a few branches and leaves and made Stormfly light it up then she placed the bucket over it and heated it until it began to bubble but the fruit remained intact "Ok now we need to mash up the fruit" then Snotlout ran into the jungle and grabbed a fat stick that had a round end then he took the bucket from Astrid and mashed the fruit and mixed it with the water then it becam a glowing paste "Ok now we pour it into his mouth" then she put her book back in the sack and then Death took out a wooden spoon and put it in the paste and took it to The Warden and opened his mouth and everybody surrounded The Warden who's hair was on the last strand of black then Death quickly poured the paste into The Warden's mouth. Then the last strand of black turned white and The Warden didn't breath again."No....." said Death then she let loose a tear and everybody else put their heads down in sorrow then Death put her head down also and coveed her face with her hands. Then The Warden's hair began to turn black slowly first then fast then all his hair became black then he woke up and began breathing fastly then he turned around and everybody was staring at him "Uhh........ what did I miss and why are you guys staring at me?" then Death raised her head smilled and takled The Warden down in a hug and faced him "Thank Thor you're back!" she said "Uh what do you mean back where have I been?" "Well we thought you where dying because..... well we'll tell you later" said Astrid "Yeah lets all just get a good nights rest" said Hiccup then everybody got in Viking versions of sleeping bags and fell asleep then late in the night The Warden woke up and got out of his sleeping bag and woke Hiccup up "Ugh what Warden?" "Come on I need to show you something" The Warden said then he led Hiccup through the jungle "So when you guys said I was dying I saw something" said The Warden "What did you see?" "I saw well it's hard to describe all I know is that me and Death fell of a cliff and I grabbed a weapon and it saved both of us it was like a hooked blade like an Egyptians khopesh but it had spikes on the side I had 2 handed one to Death we pushed a button and the hooks shot upward hooked to a ledge and we where puuled back up" then both stooped at the side of the mountain then The Warden slid his hand across the side looking for something then he tapped and he heard a metal clang then he pulled and a small rock ledge then a door slid open and The Warden and Hiccup walked in. "What in the name of Thor is this?" said Hiccup who's jaw dropped. The room was a gigantic forge for weapons like a blacksmiths shop. It was painted gold and it had a hearth that had a unusual blueish-orange flame that filled the room with heat it had slack stub filled with water it had diffrent kinds of metals in the corner of the room and it had many diffrent types of weapons on the wall like a sword and a mace. Then The Warden walked up to a table where a bucnh of blue prints layed "Hey Hiccup look at these" then Hiccup walked over and looked at the blueprints and picked one up "This one is called The Shafton 2.0 it says that it's a staff that extends at the bottom to make it longer and the top part is like a hook that hooks stuff in the distance" then Hiccup walked up to the wall and pointed to a staff "Here it is" then Hiccup picked it up "Hey we should make some new weapons for the gang we'll need them. Uh..... Warden?" but The Warden was already starting making weapons "Well what are you waiting for Hiccup? Lets get started" then the 2 began making weapons like on the blueprints "Ok how about this for Tuffnut and this for Ruffnut?" "Ok that seems good but how about this for Snotlout I bet he'll love it" "Yeah he sure loves weapons. Ok how about this for my dad?" "Hmmm..... do you think he'll like it?" "Trust me I know him he'll LOVE it" "Ok whatever you say. Oh how about this for Fishlegs?" "Hmmmmm well Fishlegs doesn't really work well with big this but how about this?" "Hmm ok and now what about Astrid?" "Ohhhhhh ok that's a tough one.....hmmmm...... oh how about this" "Ok now lets start forging". Then the 2 started forging weapons using the metals then when it was morning they were done even with the weapon from The Warden's dream and they used a rope on the wall and inserted it in the handle then they gathered all the wweapons and put them in a huge sack and walked to camp where everybody was sitting down on rocks then Astrid stood up when The Warden and Hiccup came "Where were you guys! And what's in the sack" "Long story and here" said Hiccup then they dumped all the weapons on the beach and handed them out. "Ok Tuffnut this is for you" said Hiccup then he handed Tuffnut 2 boomerangs that were made of metal "What do these do?" asked Tuffnut "Ok throw it at that tree" said Hiccup then Tuffnut threw one of the boomerangs at a tree then it grew spikes and it sliced the tree clean in half "Awesome!!" yelled Tuffnut then The Warden handed Ruffnut a whiplash with 2 ends then The Warden pointed to a large rock "Ok flick it at that rock" then Ruffnut flicked the whiplash it strecthed across and sliced the rock clean in half "Cool!!" then she and Tuffnut began messing around with their weapons destroying almost everything even slashing at the water. Then Hiccup handed Snotlout a scythe that had a dragon breathing fire at the top "Ok pull on it" Hiccup said then Snotlout pulled and the top part came of revealing a chain then Snotlout began whirling it around and he sliced at a rock and that one also was sliced clean in half. Then The Warden handed Stoick the Shafton 2.0 "Here now push this button" said The Warden then Stoick pressed a button on the side and a blade grew out of the Shafton and it extended 2 times it's orignal size "Ha ha!" laughed Stoick then he threw the staff at a boulder and the boulder broke into millions of peices. Then Hiccup handed Fishlegs a small disk "Ok now throw it" Hiccup said then Fishlegs threw it and it also grew spikes out of its sides and it sliced a tree clean in half and it returned back to Fishlegs "Thanks Hiccup!". Then The Warden handed Astrid a trident with a crystal on the side "Ok now push this button" said The Warden then Astrid pushed it and the top part of the trident fell off and a chain was revealed "Ok now press this button" said The Warden then he backed away then Astrid pressed the button and the top part of the trident began to glow "Ok now flick it at that boulder" said The Warden then Astrid flicked it and it scratched the boulder then the boulder melted and then it became a gray puddle. "Sweet!" then for the past few hours they messed around with their weapons then Hiccup came up with some training excersises for the gang. So Hiccup drew a big fat circle around the center of the beach with his sword "Ok so lets train with our new weapons we have to see how gets out of the circle first and whoever is still in the circle is the winner" so Snotlout and Tuffnut where up first so the got in the circle and readied their weapons "BEGIN!" Hiccup said then they began to battle. Snotlout pressed the button revealing the chain then he swung his scythe at Tuffnut who slid backwards close to the edge of the circle then Snotlout swung the blade down infront of Tuffnut then he jumped up and grabbed the chain and yanked on it and Snotlout fell down then Tuffnut threw one of his boomerangs at the ground infront of Snotlout and Snotlout flipped forward and threw the blade but longer this time then Tuffnut jumped out of the circle by accident. "Man!" yelled Tuffnut but Snotlout just laughed and sat down on Hookfang "Ok who's next?" said Hiccup then Astrid stood up "Ok lets see....I choose.... Death" then Astrid grabbed her trident and went in the circle. "Ok whatever you say" said Death then she unsheathed her sword and steeped in the circle. Astrid pressed the button on the trident and the top fell off revealing the chain then Astrid swung the chain at Death who dodged it then she grabbed the chain and swung Astrid on the ground then Astrid tried to get up but Death raised her sword, Astrid rolled out of the way then Death struck down then Astrid got up and Death charged but Astrid stuck her trident in the ground and vaulted over Death's head then she landed behind Death who stopped a few inches from the circle then Death turned and grabbed the daggers in her hair and threw them at Astrid who turned and the daggers flew inches from her face and struck a tree. "Woah! That nearly KILLED me!" yelled Astrid then that stoped the excercise then Astrid walked out of the circle and grabbed a dagger leaving 4 more left and walked up to Hiccup and Stoick and showed them the sharp dagger waving it around "If I haven't dodged this dagger I would've been DEAD!" then Death came up and grabbed the dagger from Astrid and tied it back in her hair "Well I didn't mean to kill you and if I did you'd be dead. Trust me I know how to defeat an enemy without killing them" then Astrid rolled her eyes "Yeah Death knows how NOT to kill. Also it's right in your name" then Death went the tree with daggers in it and pulled one out turned around and poitnted at Stone "See this guy I've been fighting with him since we were young. I fought with or without weapons and look at us we don't have a single scar" then Stone did what seemed like a smile then Hiccup went to Astrid and put his hand on her shoulder "Astrid look let's just forget it but next time Death be more careful" then Death took the reamaining daggers and tied them back in her hair "Whatever you say" then they finished the excersise by night fall and everyone went to sleep but there were strange snarls and howls then everyone woke up when it got louder and everyone was cranky then Snotlout yelled in annoyance "What is that sounds!" then everything went queit then an animal defintley not a dragon jumped out of the jungle. It had a wolf head, spider legs, shapr dagger-like teeth and a long whiplash tail. It snarled at the group who readied their weapons"Uh Warden this wouldn't happen to be one of your's?" asked Stoick but The Warden shook his head and glared at the beast "No it's not mine but I know who it belongs to. Dingo" then thousands of red eyes appeared behind the dingo then a man beast walked out of the jungle.

Chapter 8

The man beast had the head of a dingo and arms covered with gold fur and his legs were also covered with gold fur and his hands where less hairy and he had long black claws on his fingers and feet and he had black shoes and he had a ripped black clothing and a long tail he also had dark red eyes that seemed to bore through everyones soul then they all realized that he was staring at The Warden "So Warden I see you made some new friends too bad sadly after I kill you I'll have to kill them also" then Dingo got on all fours and growled "Also I'm known as Dingo The Hunter" then he ran leading a pack of mutated animals behind him then the dragons and everybody else also charged. One animal that looked like an ostritch and Velociraptor combo charged at Snotlout who readied his scythe and smaked the creature with the flat side of the blade then he bonked it across its head and it passed out on the ground "Yeah I'm the Viking!" he yelled "Snotlout, Snotlout oy oy OW!" because a small creature that looked like a gecko and snake hybrid bit him then he kicked it away. Ruffnut and Tuffnut were facing a 2-headed bird-like creature that was shooting small balls of fire at both twins, Ruffnut whiped her lash and tried striking the creature but kept missing until she hit one in the head and that head was out cold but the other one kept blasting fire at Tuffnut who threw the boomerangs trying to hit the other head but kept missing then when it opened its mouth to blast fire Tuffnut threw it and the boomerang got loged in its throat and the fire backfired in he creature so it exploded and fell on the ground unconcious then Tuffnut went up and pulled his boomerang out of the creatures throat. "Ok that is just disgusting" said Ruffnut who was gagging "Hey I LOVE this thing I'm not gonna lose it because of some bird thing" said Tuufnut. Fishlegs was facing a jaguar mutated with a spider he tossed his disk at the spider who dodged it by jumping in the air then it shot a stream of webbing but was deflected by the disk returning back then he threw the disk again and it sliced the beast straight in half revealing green goo "Oh that's just NASTY!" said Fishlegs who clutched his stomach. Astrid was facing an ape with razor claws, sharp fangs and a long tail Astrid was swinging the chain that was attached to the top of the trident and struck at the beast who grabbed the chain and swung Astrid towards it but Astrid knew that would happen so she kicked it when she sailed past then the beast staggered back then it tried clawing at Astrid who deflected it with the trident point then she hit the beast on the head which confused it then she stabbed it and out came the slime "Oh I think I'm going to be SICK!" she said covering her mouth as the blue slime flowed out all over the place. Stoick was facing a T rex and lion hybrid it was slashing but Stoick deflected it with the Shafton then he wacked it and it slammed into a rock then Stoick sliced of its legs off and slimed exploded all over Stoick and his mouth was open "Oh my Thor" he said then he spit the slime out. Death was facing a wolf and a bird mutated together she unsheathed her sword and deflected every attack moving swiftly and agile until the creature pounced on her and tried biting her but she caught its jaws in her hand a tried pushing it away and drool began falling on her "Ok that's it that is just DISGUSTING!" then she kicked the mutant off her then she cut it in half then slime burst out and gushed on her while her mouth was open then she spit it out and gagged "Oh my Thor I'm so slimy this is DISGUSTING!"she said and contiuned gagging then she ran up to the ocean and used the water to wash her mouth. Hiccup was helping The Warden face Dingo who was attacking visciously and using every type of animal fighting styles even dragons The Warden was using the hooks from his dreams and hooked onto the claws when they slashed at him and Hiccup used his sword and sliced at Dingo but he kept missing and when he did strike Dingos bleeding would close up automatically. "Hah you are full of belief! I hate it" then he tried biting at Hiccup but Hiccup jumped out of the way then he slammed the flat side of his sword against Dingos face and that knocked Dingo backwards then Hiccup ran over to The Warden then The Warden was trying to avoid being bite so he hooked Dingo and swiped under both of his front legs or arms then Dingo fell on the ground "Uh Hiccup I need some help here no wait smite that I need ALOT of help!" then Hiccup ran over and sliced one of Dingo's legs off and slime poured out "Oh that just seems wrong" said Hiccup "Yuck I wish I could wipe my memory" said The Warden then Dingo began to limp away "This isn't over remember I still have your parents" then he went in the jungle then The Warden yelled and ran in the jungle "WHERE ARE MY PARENTS!" but Dingo was gone along with his mutant animals then The Warden walked out "He's gone" then Snotlout came over clucthing his stomach "Thank goodness because if I see more slime I might as well have Thor strike me with lighting" even the dragons were covered with slime after fighting the flying creatures then Toothless came over with gold slime all over him then Hiccup touched the slime "Ah Toothless really?" thne the dragons walked over to the water and cleaned themselves and everybody else washed their clothes and put on their spare pair of clothes "Ok no more fighting I'm tired" said Tuffnut who was already on his sheet "Yeah leat's just go to sleep" said Ruffnut then both twins fell asleep and so did everyone else but these dreams turned into night terrors that seemed so real. The next day everyone woke up from their nightmares but The Warden was no where to be found "I'll try to find him" said Death then she mountedd on Scythe and flew around the island looking for The Warden until she found him sitting on top of a rock spire with Bow Down next to him. Scythe landed silently and Death got off and approached The Warden "Hey Warden I guess your nightmare was the worst" then The Warden turned around suprised "Uh I guess you could say that.... remeber the Dingo guy from the other day?" "You mean the one who got icky slime all over me? Yup how could I forget. What's between you and that half troll demon anyway?" Death replied than The Warden had a sadder look on his face but a faint smile then he told her the entire story. "Wow that's horrible do you mind if I kill him slowly?" "No way he's mine!" replied Warden. Death laughed a bit "Yeah I know the feeling.." then The Warden looked at her like he was saying "Ok spit it out" so Death continued "Well there is this guy named Bloodhound and a simple description is a motherf****** d***" then the warden started chuckling quietly "So he tried to kill a dragon so I tried to kill him so now he wants....what's the word. Revenge. So in my nightmare he captured my pride and tried turning them into automans to join his army but when I tried to kill him with my sword it meleted and so did every weapon I touched" then there was an awckward silence until the Warden said "Not excatly the forget and forgive type are you?" then Death got up and unsheathed her sword "Only if it's about dragons" then she started to swing her sword around slowly "And Bloodhound is dead!" then she struck her sword downward. The Warden chuckled then it was queit for a few minutes until he said "Wait does Bloodhound have hair that looks like a dragon licked it on the wrong side with huge ugly goggles?" Death snickered "Yeah sorta. How do you know?" she replied. "I saved Hiccup like... actually I don't know how long ago but yeah it was pretty heroic if I should say so myself". Then Death gasped and pretended to look mad "YOU DID WHAT!? HOW DARE YOU? HE'S MY ARCHENEMY!" then she hit The Warden on the head with the hilt of er sword. "Ow gesh!" replied The Warden. "Hey I was just joking around" said Death. They laughed for about 5 seconds before they went quiet again. Bow Down and Scythe looked at each other and nuzzled their owners. The Warden patted Bow Down on the snout and Death scratched Scythe on the head. Then The Warden shivered and Bow Down looked at him nervously "It's O.K Bow Down I'm just a little shaken up" said The Warden trying to sooth his dragon. "Warden you want to know what I do when I'm mad at someone?" asked Death. "What?" asked The Warden. Death had her devious smile again and told The Warden to follow her into the jungle and found an old worn up tree. Death than pointed at the tree and pushed The Warden towards it. "What?" he asked. "You know." she replied. "Actually I don't know" replied The Warden. Death shook her head and took one of The Wardens hooked blades and shoved it against his chest. "Just imagine this old tree as Dingo but he's vulnerable. Than you take it from there" said Death as she backed away. The Warden than stared at his blade and at te tree. He then gripped the blade tightly in his hand. Then he attacked the tree with the anger of a Monstrous Nightmare. Death leaned on a tree and sighed "Poor Dingo." then a piece of tree bark flew by her "And poor tree!"  than the Warden was done and turned around and he had a crazy look in his eyes. "That was fun.I feel a whole lot better" said The Warden. "It would only be more realistic if slime came out" said Death. The Warden had a disgusted look on his face. "It's actually better when there's not blue slime exploding in my face"

Chapter 9

The Warden and Death returned back to camp only to see Snotlout and Astrid arguing. "You mutton head I didn't even do anything to your saddle!" yelled Astrid. "Of course you did! My manly appearance must have brainwashed you. But I didn't do anything to your saddle and your trident!" said Snotlout. The 2 started bikering some more and Hiccup was already sitting on a rock his face as red as a flaming Monstrous Nightmare. He then saw The Warden and Death hop of their dragons. Hiccup got of his rock and walked over to the 2. "Please help me. These 2 have been bikering ever since Death left just because of their saddles and Astrid's trident" begged Hiccup. Even Toothless was already hanging upside down on a tree branch obviously giving up. "Ok Snotlout calm down you and Astrid's stuff probaly got stolen by one of the dragons in the jungle." said The Warden. "Yeah just like my tail got stolen" said Tuffnut "You never had a tail I was just pranking you" said Ruffnut. "It's O.K dear sister you don't have to tell me lies to make me feel better. I WILL AVENGE YOU TAIL!" yelled Tuffnut dropping to his knees. "Ok I will go into the jungle to find you guys stuff" said The Warden. "I'm going with you Warden" said Hiccup. "Uh Hiccup.." started the Warden then he looked around him at Stoick who was still throwing his staff at rocks, the twins who were fighting with Barf and Belch doing the same, Fishlegs who seemed to have gone mad already and was hugging a rock while Meatlug was trying to eat it, and Astrid and Snotlout who were about to sike their dragons on eachother. "Fine" said The Warden than he and Hiccup mounted up on their dragons and went off into the jungle. They rode off until they couldn't see the beach shore anymore.

Bow Down and Toothless were looking around for anything that looked like saddles and a trident. "Man Warden you are lucky you never have to go through these types of stuff" said Hiccup. The Warde sighed "Well I would actually switch places with you because I'm tired about every time I defeat Dingo he seems to come back more powerful" sighed The Warden. "Tell me about it I used to know this guy named Dagur who is crazy in the noggin" said Hiccup than they heard a rusling coming from the bushes. Both dragons sniffed the air and growled. They all looked at the bushes and saw a dragon body come flying out. It had a dagger stuck in its wing and it was bleeding. It landed on Hiccup before a chain came out and whipped it. The dragon fell dead and crushed Hiccup with its wieght. "Toothless help me bud" said Hiccup. Toothless grabbed the dragon's body and tossed it into another bush. Suddenly a man rose out of the bushes and Hiccup gasped at the sight "Dagur!?". Dagur looked different. He had a helmet that was made of dragon scales and had Monstrous Nightmare horns on the side. He had the same armor as normal but he had a metal chain in his hand with a wicked looking spike at the end. "Hiccup..." said Dagur as he readied his whip. Suddenly Dagur noticed Bow Down and The Warden. "The Skrill. I knew that there was a Skrill on this island. I could smell it" said Dagur as he tried to reach his hand out to Bow Down. "And you" said Dagur looking up at The Warden "Vodoo told me about you". "I'm sorry I could hear you over this!" yelled The Warden as he had Bow Down shoot lightning. Dagur flipped out of the way as the lightning caused a nearby tree to explode. Dagur flipped his whip at The Warden which caused a cut to form across his check shaped like a lightning bolt. "Foolish boy. This Skrill doesn't belong in the hands of you!" yelled Dagur. Toothless roared and so did Bow Down than they both looked at eachother and seemed to be planning something. Then both dragons shoot their plasma and lihtning in front of Dagur which exploded and caused him to go flying off. They shot their attacks again which caused Dagur to go flying off and then a huge dragon rose from the sea and swallowed Dagur whole. "Uh Warden you O.K?" asked Hiccup. The Warden was closing his eyes and was sweating. "Yeah I'm just shaken up" he replied than Bow Down began glowing. "Oh No"

Chapter 10

The Warden POV

The sky was a dark gray as me and Bow Down flew through the sky. It was starting to rain and in seconds I was soaking wet. Bow Down was still glowing ever since we left the secret location. Bow Down roared and his wing beat sped up causing us to move very fast. Suddenly lightning crackled in the sky and I caught a glimpse of a shadowy figure flying through. I pulled on the reins and made Bow Down stop. He hovered in the air and I waited for another bolt of lightning. When we were about to fly away lightning shot past me missing me by a few feet. "BOWN DOWN GO!" I yelled and Bow Down bolted through the clouds. I turned and saw the figure closing in. I twisted the reins and gave Bow Down a kick. Bow Down then turned around and shot a streak of lightning at the target. The thing dodged it then flew up and hovered above me before it dove down. The thing grabbed me right off of Bow Down before stinging me with its tail. I could hear the roar of Bow Down getting fainter and fainter before I passed out.

I woke up on a sandy beach shore. The sky was sunny and cloudless and everything was quiet except for the roar of the ocean waves. I got up but felt a stinging pain in my chest. My heart seemed to do uneven beats and I realized that the dragons' poison still must be flowing through his body. I then remembered what had happened and how I lost Bow Down. That dragon toke me away from the only company I had for the past 7 years. Anger coursed through my body blocking out the poison for a short amount of time. I got up and paced back and forth on the shore. I thought about my location... which was unknown. He skipped that and continued thinking before he saw a figure moving in the back. He turned around and found himself facing a Skrill. "BOW DOWN!" I yelled suddenly overwhelmed with happiness. I ran towards him but he snarled. I backed away realizing that that wasn't Bow Down. I was about to try and swim out to sea and find a way out when I heard water bubbling. I turned around and saw a Scauldron appear out of the waves. It's brilliant blue body glittered in the sunlight. It looked at me and snarled and approached. I looked back and saw the grey and purple Skrill approaching too. I knew that these dragons would tear me limb from limb if I didn't do something. The dragons were getting closer and closer and I heard the sound of the Scauldron readying it's water blast and the familiar crackling sound of the Skrill preparing to shoot its lightning blast. I prayed to the gods hoping the dragons would miss but he knew that most dragons never missed their targets. Suddenly I saw a boy run up to the Scauldron and another boy run up to the Skrill. The two boys reached out to the dragons which turned around. I was sure the dragons would swallow both boys whole but intstead they nuzzled the boys. I stared in awe at the boys. Suddenly I felt a jabbing pain in my chest realizing the poison started to kick in, I passed out and fell onto the sandy beach face first where I'm pretty sure I swallowedd a clam.

I woke up again but this time in a small tree hut. I was on a small hammock  and raised my head. I looked around and saw that the hut was very wierd. Their were tubes filled with multi colored liquids that sizzled and spewed out gases. Their were journals and books littering 3 desks in the room along with chracoal pencils and paper. Scrolls littered the floor like a house planning blueprint. The walls were painted green and red in different pattern but tree branches stuck out of the walls andout of the ground too. Standing at a table was the boys I saw earlier. The boy who reached out to the Scauldron was wearing a green and blue leather coat. He wore blue pants that've been cut at his knees. He had blonde hair and deep blue eyes like the ocean. He had no shoes but that didn't seem to bother him. The other boy had a black fur coat and a grey and purple shirt. He had dark thick black hair and hazel eyes. He wore black pants with a dagger attached to his belt and a sword also strapped to his belt. He wore grey boots that were covered with symbols just like his coat. The first boy turned around and saw me awake "He's awake." The boys approached me the second one carrying a vial with a blue liquid churning in it. The boy snapped his fingers and my mouth opened unwillingly. He dumped the liquid in my mouth and I was about to gag before I realized that it tasted like my favorite food. "Yum." I said. The first boy smiled showing teeth as white as the snow on mountain tops. "Taste like your favorite food right?" he asked. I nodded and got up. "Now let us introduce ourselves." said the second one said. "I'm Sir Skrill. My friend here is Hutmi and you are very lost" "Yeah I realized that" I replied. I glanced at Hermi but he was outside of the tree hut. " So you own a Skrill? Funny, I also own one" said Sir Skrill. "No, you don't say? I thought it was just another large dragon that shoots lightning" I said sarcastically but I don't think Sir Skrill could tell. Sir Skrill then grabbed a large metal staff that stood by the door way and told me to stay here. He than jumped out of the tree and landed on his Skrill before flying off. I got up and walked around the room with curiosity. I took a closer look at the drawings and realized that one of them was a map. I held it up and looked over it until I spotted the word MONSTER written in blood red ink. I than spotted a journal different from the other ones. It had a deep red cover and black pages. I flipped through it and found the word MONSTER  again but it came with a story. I read it in my mind ' Born from chaos and destruction Beloma was a monster of destruction. This dragon was the King of the Dark Side of the dragon world. He created his own world with his own set of dragons that were filled with blood lust. Their king went by the name of The Dark One. One day one of the dragons Beloma created became different. It became deadlier and crazed than any other dragon. Beloma made this dragon the top leader of his army and called it a Night Fury; since it only hunted at night and his scales were darker than Beloma himself. What wasn't known that Beloma was created the eldest of his two brothers. His brothers came to his land and started war between good and evil. The Night Fury lead the army to battle against the good dragons but lost. Near death the Night Furies spirit escaped and was never found and when Beloma was close to falling he improsoned himself in his castle shielded with dark magic and was never found again. But legend has it that Beloma will rise again with a more powerful army that will wipe every living thing of the face of this Earth and engulf the universe into darkness.'. I stopped reading and shut the book. I looked at the map and read it more carfully and found out it was a map to Beloma's castle. I folded up the map and put it in my satchel which I had after I woke up on the island. I walked around the room again and grabbed a few healing vials and other magical liquids that would come in handy. After I was done I found a metal circular device on the floor. There were notes next to it and I picked it up. The machine was called the Locator. If you put whatever piece of material inside of it it could locate its previous owner or its aura. I remembered about Bow Down and took off my top hat and smoothed out my thick black hair. I reached in and took out a single scale. It was a scale from the first time I met Bow Down. I put the scale in the device and flipped the lid back onto the device. A grey spot blinked on the screen and it showed Bow Down but he was in grave danger.

Chapter 11

Bow Down had fought the dragon hard but it stung him and the next thing he knew he woke up on a black rock in the middle of nowhere. Bow Down got up but the poison made him move very slowly. Bow Down looked for The Warden but when he was nowhere Bow Down roared in sadnees. It was a deep, sad, depressing roar that echoed across the land. Suddenly Bow Down heard the sound of huge wings flapping. Then rising up from below was a huge black dragon that reached up to 15 stories high. It had large bat like wings that swept a wave of darkness and corruption over Bow Down. Its eyes were deep red and its entire body was black. Its head had a similar apperance to a Skrill but with 2 horns on the side, its front and hind legs were equipped with black claws that tore chunks of the rocks off. Its tail was barbed and swished back and forth angrily. It opened its mouth revealing sharp sword like teeth that was  stained with blood. "I heard your cry" it said in a dark deep monstrous voice. Bow Down roared but instead words came out. "You did" he said in a staticy voice which startled him. The beast smiled which made it look more scary. "In my land all dragons are able to speak the tongue of the humans". Bow Down spoke again "I need to find my rider" he said. The beast snarled and got closer to Bow Down "Do you know who I am?" it asked obviously annoyed. Bow Down shook his head which was an obvious mistake. The beast flew up and flicked Bow Down off the rock and he tumbled through the air before he hit a jagged rock which broke under pressure and Bow Down landed on top of it. "I AM BELOMA. THE DARK DRAGON, RULER OF THE DRAGON WORLD AND I WILL END THAT WRETCHED HUMAN WORLD!!!" the beast yelled as Bow Down fell through a black mist into a void.

Chapter 12

I watched as the gray dot suddenly dissapeared and suddenly went into panic.  I kept thinking that what if Bow Down was dead but I pushed the thought aside. I walked out the tree hut and climbed down the tree and dropped to the ground. I was in the middle of a huge jungle with fallen trees and overgrown bushes. Only a little bit of sunlight peeked through the high trees. I walked for at least 5 minutes before I stopped. I was being watched. I looked behind me but didn't see anything then I looked up and that was when I spotted the creature. It was perched on a branch and it had green scales. It had 4 wings and a single long nasal horn. The wierdest thing was that its body was transparent. On top of it sat a tall muscular man unlike Bloodhound's thin frame. He wore a small hat and green sunglasses with a black suit and red jeans. His skin switched between colors such as blue, gree, and purple. He smiled showing sharp vampire-like teeth.  "Afternoon Josua" the stranger said. I was suprised, how did the guy know my name? As if reading my mind he replied "Oh I know many things about you. Your deepest darkest secrets and what what happened to your parents.". My eyes narrowed at the mention of my parents. "Wait you mean Dingo didn't kill them?" I asked reaching for my hooked blades which were attached to the sides of my legs. He noticed my hand movings and sent a blue beam that bolted towards me. I rolled to my left and gripped both of my blades in my hands in a kneeling position. I tossed one of my blades towards the man and it knocked him to the ground. He banged his head on a rock and lay motionless on the ground. The creature then jumped out of the tree and landed in front of me my other blade was embedded in a nearby tree trunk a few yards away. The creature then started thumping its tail on the ground sending a vibration in all directions. It was slow and rthymic and made me lose my concentration. Suddenly the man began to rise. He didn't even use his arms but just floated upwards like a ghost. A cut on his head was bleeding but it eerily sealed up showing no trace that it was ever there. The scariest thing was that ghostly spirits began rising out of the ground taking on the forms of warriors. I never was a believer of magic and didn't even think that my village shaman was a faker but I began having doubts. The spirit warriors had black armor and milky white eyes. They held weapons ranging from spears to broad swords. The man then pointed at me and the warriors charged.

Chapter 13

"What do you mean that you don't know where he is!" exclaimed Stoick back at The Land of Dragons. He was furious that a member of the group was missing and his dragon was nowhere to be found. "I don't know sir, we just found out this morning after Hiccup and Warden came back from the jungle" replied Death. Hiccup stood beside her with Astrid at his right and the rest of the group behind them. The dragons were at the end of the beach shore waiting to be boarded by their riders to find Warden. "Come on lets just go and find him" said Hiccup. The riders mounted onto their dragons and flew off out of the mountains portal. Toothless snarled when they exited the cave and his ear nubs began rattling. The other dragons sensed something and halted in midair. "Uh what's wrong with them" said Tuffnut. For an answer a black beam of lightning came bursting from the clouds and struck Death and she fell to the ocean below. Scythe shrieked and tried diving towards Death, who surfaced and was gasping for breath. Suddenly another black beam struck Scythe who twirled through the air and crashed into a pillar.


My best drawing of her

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