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    this is an episode fan fiction written in script form. i am currently still working on it,but here is what i have so far. if you have any suggestions,leave them on the talk page and i will consider them. please do not put them in your self. also, can anyone help me write for astrid? she is harder to write for than i thought thanks,  Rider ranger47 (talk) 14:53, July 1, 2014 (UTC) this episode takes place inbetween bing bang boom and cast out part 1

    (start:camera slowly zooming in on the dragon academy )

    hiccup (standing in front of all the riders): all right everyone,as you probably don't know i have been working on a riders armory.

    snotlout:we get weapons?

    ruff and tuff:awesome! (slam helmets)

    hiccup: ok please,focus,now you all get sheilds li…

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