aka Not telling!

  • I live in Not telling either.
  • I was born on February 13
  • My occupation is Cleaning dolphins.
  • I am Cool
  • ScauldyTheScauldron

    The story starts of with hiccup giving toothless fish after a while in his sleep there was an a rumbling sound then all vikings were woken up they went outside and saw two Whispering Deaths fighting!! the other dragons started to not care except for Hookfang then the teens think why is only hookfang going in? the other dragons seemed to be scared of this incident and stayed in their homes and after a while on the fight hookfang was gone and the deaths burrowed away.Hiccup didn't even know anything what just happened Hiccup: Astrid what just happened? Astrid: i have no idea? Tuffnut: Maybe it was two Hookfangs? and some whispering death came in! or maybe that was me DONT JUDGE ME! Ruffnut: it was a ummm i don't know? umm whats 2 + 1 is it 7…

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  • ScauldyTheScauldron

    Christmas is almost finnaly here!

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