Zippleback Down is the ninth episode of Defenders of Berk .


While searching for traps, Tuffnut, Barf and Belch get trapped themselves... and a forest fire is approaching.


It all starts out in the Dragon Training Academy when Gobber starts to show the Vikings how to undo traps. Fishlegs, Astrid, and Hiccup successfully undo the traps while Tuffnut, Ruffnut, and Snotlout fail in doing so. Snotlout gets stuck in a Netter trap while the twins almost get their heads chopped off by the Snapper trap. Gobber then gives the Vikings the assignment to undo the traps that were left over when the Vikings used to kill dragons. Before the twins head out, Hiccup stops them, and tells them how they need to take the assignment seriously as it is dangerous for them and their dragon. The twins still don't know what Hiccup is talking about, so Hiccup then says that he isn't sure if he can trust them. The twins take it personally, and they think Hiccup said they were useless.

Tuffnut, and Ruffnut then set off into the forest in search of traps. Tuffnut finds a Netter trap but he gets caught in it. He then tells Ruffnut to help him get out of the trap. Ruffnut then decides to head back to Berk to go, and get Hiccup to help Tuffnut get out of the trap. However, Ruffnut isn't sure how she is going to be able to fly Barf and Belch as you need 2 riders to ride a Zippleback. She decides to get on Barf while Tuffnut gives Belch the command to fly. Then then start to fly into the air when suddenly Tuffnut says to Belch to save him. Belch turns around, and they crash. Tuffnut says that was fast, and asks where Hiccup is. Ruffnut ignores him, and says she is just going to walk back to Berk. Tuffnut then still tries to make an attempt to get out of the Netter trap.

Hiccup and Toothless then find a Snapper trap in the middle of the forest. Toothless blasts the trap, and it sets off. A small fire then starts next to the trap, but Hiccup steps on it to put it out. Hiccup then feels a dry hot wind that comes in from the North. He then sets off back to Berk to tell Stoick that this is definite signs of fire weather.

We come back to Tuffnut who starts to talk to Barf and Belch. He asks them if they know how to undo the traps, but then he realizes that he is a professional dragon trainer. He then gives Barf and Belch the command to untrap him. Barf and Belch then begin to play with the trap, and they swing it back and forth with their heads.

Hiccup comes back to the village to find out that his father already knows about the fire weather. Hiccup asks how he knows, and then Stoick tells Gobber to show him how. Gobber then makes Hiccup touch his chin. Gobber then tells Hiccup that it is usually soft like a newborn baby, but during fire weather it is dry. Stoick then tells Hiccup that one dragon blast could make Berk burn down to the ground. He then says to Hiccup to make sure that the twins don't do anything stupid.

Ruffnut is still continuing to walk through the forest as she is not back at the village yet. However, a pair of Terrible Terrors then start to throw apples at her. She then takes the apple and tries to throw it back at the Terrors. However, the Terrible Terrors throw more apples at her, and one of the apples knocks her out. Tuffnut is still stuck in the trap, and he starts to talk to Barf about how is sister is. Tuffnut then starts to try and think how Gobber undid the Netter trap while telling himself he isn't useless. He then gives up, and tells himself he is totally useless. Tuffnut then starts to see trees getting knocked down by something. However, he finds out that the thing knocking down the trees was a Typhoomerang. The Typhoomerang notices Tuffnut stuck in the trap, and it starts to walk towards him. Barf and Belch try to defend Tuffnut, but the Typhoomerang is simply too strong for them to fight by themselves. Tuffnut then tells Barf and Belch to get back in their, and show the Typhoomerang who is boss. However, when Barf and Belch start to walk towards the Typhoomerang, they get caught in a trap. Barf and Belch then see the Typhoomerang getting closer to Tuffnut. As their last attempt to defend Tuffnut, they blast a fireball towards the Typhoomerang. The Typhoomerang easily dodges it, but a spark from the blast goes flying into the air. It then lands on the ground, and starts a small fire.

Tuffnut then tells the Typhoomerang that he never loses a staring contest. The two then start to have a staring contest, and Tuffnut wins. Tuffnut then asks the Typhoomerang if they have ever met before. As the Typhoomerang gets closer to him, Tuffnut then starts to say to the Typhoomerang if it was ever from places like Dragon Island, Outcast Island, Breakneck Bog, etc. Tuffnut then introduces the Typhoomerang to Barf and Belch, and he starts to say that it can meet his sister if a pack of wild boars doesn't eat her first. The Typhoomerang then roars at Tuffnut, and Tuffnut replies with a roar of his own. The Typhoomerang roars back, and then Tuffnut roars again. This goes on for two more times, and then Tuffnut says to the Typhoomerang that he had fun. He then asks the Typhoomerang what they should do next.

We then come back to Berk to see that Astrid is asking what Hiccup is doing. Hiccup says that he is out to find the twins as no one has seen them. Astrid offers to come with him, but Hiccup says no because they are his responsibility.

Then we see Tuffnut teaching the Typhoomerang some new tricks. He trains the Typhoomerang to raise it's wings, and how to spin on his command. He does this by using hand signals, and showing the Typhoomerang how to spin. Tuffnut then asks the Typhoomerang if it is sure they haven't met before. Tuffnut then ignores that question and says "Nah. You just have one of those faces." Ruffnut is still walking through the forest heading back to Berk when suddenly she sees a forest fire. Ruffnut then decides to retrace her steps back to Tuffnut. Hiccup then comes riding on Toothless looking for the twins. Hiccup then sees a forest fire, and says "You know what they say. Where there's fire, there is the twins." Hiccup and Toothless then start to fly towards the forest fire. Ruffnut then retraces her steps back to Tuffnut where see says the Typhoomerang Tuffnut trained standing next to him. Tuffnut then shows Ruffnut that when he roars, the Typhoomerang roars. The Typhoomerang roars in her face, and Ruffnut says it was pretty awesome. Ruffnut then tells Tuffnut that an out of control forest fire is heading towards their way. Tuffnut then says to Ruffnut to help him get out of the trap.

Hiccup and Toothless come flying in again, but this time we seem them in the middle of the forest fire. He then says to Toothless to land in the clearing where Tuffnut and Ruffnut are. Hiccup then notices the Typhoomerang there. Toothless' tail flap then starts to burn, and they crash land on to the clearing. The Typhoomerang then starts to act aggressive towards Hiccup and Toothless. Hiccup then realizes that he knows the Typhoomerang. The Typhoomerang then wraps it's huge wings around Hiccup and Toothless. Ruffnut then thinks the Typhoomerang ate Hiccup, and Tuffnut commands the Typhoomerang to barf out Hiccup. The Typhoomerang then unwraps it's wings where Hiccup then puts his hand out. The Typhoomerang touches his hand, and Hiccup starts to have a flashback. In this flashback, he starts to remember about when he first met Torch. Hiccup then realizes that the Typhoomerang isn't just any Typhoomerang; the Typhoomerang really is Torch. The twins don't believe him, but Hiccup says that the Typhoomerang is Torch and explains to them that Torch just grew up fast. Torch then slaps Toothless in the face with his tail, and they both then roar at each other. Hiccup breaks it up, and says they don't have time for it.

Hiccup then tells Ruffnut to help Tuffnut out of the trap, but Ruffnut explains to Hiccup that they have been trying. Hiccup then cuts Barf and Belch free from their trap, and he commands them to help him up to Tuffnut. Hiccup then tries to undo the trap, but the trap is stuck tight. Hiccup then says that they need to get of there. He then asks Torch if he can give them a lift. Torch lets them on, and he lifts off. Before he lifs up, he grabs the trap with Tuffnut in it in his claws. Hiccup then spots a clearing, and he says if the fire jumps over this clearing, it will burn Berk, and it will be too late to stop it. Hiccup then commands Torch to land on to the clearing. Torch drops the trap on a tree where Tuffnut is safe while they land. Hiccup then says it is too late, and that there is nothing they can do. He then says that they need to get water, but Tuffnut says that he needs to fight fire with fire. Hiccup gets the idea that if they clear the trees in front of the fire, there will be nothing left for the fire to burn. He then calls Tuffnut and Ruffnut a genius.

Hiccup then comes up with the plan that once he gives the signal, Tuffnut and Ruffnut will command Barf and Belch to start blasting. Toothless and him will do the same. Hiccup then gives the signal, and the dragons start blasting at the trees in front of them. Torch joins the blasting. Hiccup then says that they need to keep moving the fire in the opposite direction. He then commands Toothless to flap his wings so the wind can push the fire in that direction. Tuffnut then commands Barf and Belch to do the same along with Torch. Hiccup then commands Torch to heads toward the fire and cyclone around the fire. Torch then puts the fire out. Hiccup then congraulates Torch, and Toothless. Tuffnut then says "What? No love for the trapped viking?" Torch then snuggles his head against Tuffnut.

Torch then gives the Vikings a ride back to Berk. The others are amazed to see Hiccup and the twins coming off of a Typhoomerang. Hiccup then says to them that this isn't any Typhoomerang, and Fishlegs realizes that it is Torch. Tuffnut then says that he found him in the forest, and that he trained him. Snotlout doesn't believe him, but Tuffnut then gives Torch the command to raise his wings. One of his wings hits Snotlout which sends him flying into a wagon down a bridge. Torch then snuggles his head against Tuffnut once again, and Tuffnut asks what he is doing. Hiccup says that Torch his saying goodbye. Tuffnut then says to Torch that he will miss him, and how Torch was the only dragon that listened to him. Tuffnut then roars one more time, and Torch then roars. Torch then flies away in a cyclone pattern. Tuffnut then asks if they can let Tuffnut out of the trap now. Hiccup then starts to walk over to him to free him from the trap, but Gobber stops him. Gobber then says to Tuffnut that you got yourself into that, and now you need to get yourself out.

We cut back to the Dragon Academy watching Ruffnut trying to free Tuffnut from the trap. Ruffnut then thinks she has it, and she frees Tuffnut from the trap. However, they both immediately get caught back into the trap. Tuffnut and Ruffnut then start to bicker while they are both in the trap, and then episode ends.


  • Torch made a return in this episode, now as a full grown Typhoomerang.
  • The way Tuffnut and Torch roared at each other was similar to the way he did with Hiccup in The Terrible Twos.
  • Apparently Gobber can tell it's "fire weather" by checking his chin, specifically if it's dry.
  • Tuffnut makes a comment about Hiccup being the "Dragon Conqueror," which is what the Outcasts first called him in Alvin & the Outcasts.
  • Despite that the Typhoomerang is impossible to ride however when Hiccup, Tuffnut, Ruffnut, and their dragons would of probably been burn up because since it's one of the few dragons who can emit fire on its body, this might mean that the fire does not cover the Typhoomerang's whole body, thus making possible for it to be ridden.